Measure CategoryU.S. Rank # of Countries in StudyScoreSource of InformationYear of DataImportanceExpected Rank Next YearNotes
Global CompetitivenessBusiness51425.43World Economic Forum2011605U.S. is falling, China at 27th is rising.
Level of Corruption in BusinessBusiness221787.1Transparency International20104023Canada is #6, China is #78
Number of BillionairesBusiness1225412Forbes Magazine2011101China is #2 with 115
Percentage of Households that are MillionairesBusiness72250.045Boston Consulting Group2010107Singapore is #1 with 15.5%
Upper Secondary Graduation ratesEducation21280.76U.S. Department of Education20098022Most OECD countries are doing better than the U.S.
Math and Science Literacy of 15 year oldsEducation2634487U.S. Department of Education20097527Most OECD countries are doing better than the U.S.
Reading Literacy of 15 year oldsEducation1234500U.S. Department of Education20097013.
Math LiteracyEducation2565487Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development20097026#1 China, #23 Hungary
Science LiteracyEducation2365n/aOrganisation for Economic Co-operation and Development20095023#1 China, #22 Hungary
Literacy RateEducation2018399% LiterateUnited Nations2011402025 Countries have 99%, 19 Countries are above 99%
Nobel LaureatesEducation1200333NobelPrize.Org2011201UK ranks 2nd with 101 laureates
Human Development IndexHealth42000.04United Nations2011954A great overall indicator of a society.
Infant mortality rateHealth482226.06 per 1,000 birthsCIA World Factbook20119048.
Life expectancy at birthHealth5022378.37 yearsCIA World Factbook20119050.
Obesity - Adult Prevalance RateHealth657033.90% are obeseCIA World Factbook20068765.
Money spent on health care as percentage of GDPHealth1881890.162CIA World Factbook200985189.
Preventable DeathsHealth161696 per 100,000Journal of Health Policy20118016UK was 2nd worst with 83 per 100,000. France just 56 per 100,000
Newborn Death RatesHealth412004.3 per 1000 birthsWorld Health Organization20098045.
Children aged <5 years underweight (%)Health41230.013World Health Organization2011704India ranks last, with 43.5% under weight
Teenage Birth RateHealth282852.1 per 1,000UNICEF1998701#2 UK is 30.8 per 1,000
Measles immunization coverage among 1-year-olds (%)Health972000.92World Health Organization201160100.
Births attended by skilled health personnel (%)Health1200> 99%World Health Organization2011551About 70 countries are tied with the U.S. ranking
Diabetes PrevalenceHealth292230.123International Diabetes Federation20105529The U.S. has a higher prevalence of diabetes than most countries.
Doctors use of TechnologyHealth770.46Commonwealth Fund International Health Policy Survey2010407All countries above 90% except U.S. and Canada
Drug Use among CitizensHealth11742% have used cannabis, 16% cocaineWorld Health Organization2008251Only 17 countries in study
World's Largest Arms ExportersMilitary1225$8.6 BillionStockholm International Peace Research Institute2010881.
Military Expenditure by NationMilitary1225$698 BillionStockholm International Peace Research Institute2010851.
Global Peace IndexMilitary821532.063Stockholm International Peace Research Institute20118080Iceland is #1, China is #80
World's Largest Arms ImportersMilitary5225$893 MillionStockholm International Peace Research Institute2010706.
% Living in PovertySociety311490.151CIA World Factbook20108034France 6.2%, Mexico is 18.2%
Homicides per 100,000 PeopleSociety781215.6United Nations Development Programme20047080Japan ranked #4 with 0.5 homicides per 100,000
Quality of InfrastructureSociety231395.8International Telecommunication Union20113025Switzerland is #1, Spain is #22, Chile is #24
Organic Water PollutersSociety15162.5 million kg per dayWorld Bank19982515China pollutes twice as much as the U.S.
HappiestSociety16983.55National Science Foundation20072016Puerto Rico #2
Human Poverty IndexSociety171915.4United Nations20082018.
Death Penalty ExecutionsSociety15015446 executedAmnesty International2010201501.5 per 10 million citizens, China killed more than 5,000
Tech ProductivityTechnology5105World Economic Forum2010606Sweden is #1, Singapore is #2
Internet SpeedTechnology262244.93 mbpsPando Networks20115025#1 South Korea is 17.62 mbps
Mobile Phones in UseTechnology359327 millionWikipedia2011203US has more phones than people. China is #1